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COMMUNITY 101- The first step

So you've probably attended at least a few services by now, you've met some great people, and have possibly even helped in a ministry area or contributed to our mission in some way.  First of all, we are so glad that you've invested some of your life with us.  We know that your time and energy are important and that you want to invest them into something you believe in. 

Community 101 is for you.  It's a conversational space where we talk through all of the nuts and bolts of what makes us unique as a church.  We talk about our ministry philosophy, leadership structure, what your can expect from us as a church, and what we expect from you as a part of our group of Jesus followers.  You'll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get to know Pastor Brad.  At the end of the session you'll have an opportunity to think about official membership and learn what that entails.

We will schedule community 101 sessions throughout the year and contact you with an invitation.  Please go ahead and sign up to be notified for the next session.

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